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Customer Testimonials

"Before I started training with Head Over Heels Fitness, I lacked the self-discipline to maintain a workout routine or a healthy diet. Over the past two years, I've shed 25 pounds working out regularly (2-3X/week) with Susie, but more importantly, I've made lifestyle changes that improved my health in addition to my fitness.

‪I'm now at the point where if I miss a workout I feel like I've skipped the most important part of my day, and rather than buy takeout food for the majority of meals I'm prepping them from fresh ingredients instead. I even eat breakfast regularly, which was always something I skipped in the past!

‪Susie is more than just a trainer; she truly cares about the well being of her clients and finds way to inspire each of us to be the best we can be. Whether it's grinding out a tough workout with us (one she's already done at least once or twice before us earlier in the day), offering healthy recipes, or simply an encouraging word, her approach is a positive reinforcement for anyone looking to get that nudge out of your office chair or off the couch to feel and look better."

- Brennan Burns


Susie has bugged me over the past year to join one of her boot camp workouts. I always said no way, too hard and you’re going to be mean to me. Then she suggested I participate in one of her spring challenges. It’s only a month she said just try it. So I did.

We spent the month learning about food and all the bad stuff in it. We learned about the good food and how to prepare it. I learned how exercise feels good once you get past the pain of the first week.

Susie sent me an email almost every morning as she watched my progress. Keep going girl you’re doing so good I’m so proud of you! So I kept going and I ended up winning the challenge.

After only one month, 6lbs and 5.5 inches later I wear a different size of jeans. And I can button them. I drink less alcohol. I’m a runner now. And I feel the best I’ve felt in years. Susie is knowledgeable and passionate and has made this journey fun. It’s just one month you guys try it, it can make you so happy

                                                                                                                              -Laura Foster

Susan has a knack for picking up on what people need. She’s always there with an encouraging word, or a listening ear.  I rely on her to help me detangle issues I may be facing. She knows what questions to ask to help me get to my own solution. I know she is always there for me.

She would save everyone she knows, if she could. But because that isn’t possible, I would say her greatest passion is research.  The science behind nutrition and movement is of great interest to her and she spends a lot of time reading anything she can get her hands on in relation to these subjects. It’s amazing to me the amount of information she holds in her brain and her appetite for new information is veracious. But it’s more than that. She takes that information and pulls it apart and puts it back together in a way that is practical and understandable and interesting to the layman.
                                                                                 -Victoria Boyle

Personal training and good nutrition. She wants people to be and do their best and her support is always there, no questions asked.  She also wants everyone to have good eating habits and food choices.  She provides nutritional information and encouragement, and when someone falls off course, she does not scold, she encourages them to restart and get back on track.
                                                                                 -Deborah Fuller